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Happy 2024! Please scroll down for the most recent projects - cheers!


Nov-Dec 2023 –  My holiday season was blessed with landing the role of Jean Shepherd the Narrator in the heartwarming, musical-stage version, of the 1983 movie-classic, A CHRISTMAS STORY, at the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA).  Book by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown and Bob Clark.  Music and lyrics by Pasek and Paul (Benj Pasek and Justin Paul).


To view rehearsal footage (2 mins) click here.

Photos by Kenneth Card.

January 2023 –  I was delighted to play the role of TOAD in the heartwarming children’s musical A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD at the historical Ritz Theater, Scranton, PA. The musical is based on the children’s book series by Arnold Lobel and was produced on Broadway in 2003, with music by Robert Reale and lyrics by Willie Reale.  A joy to perform!


To view rehearsal footage (3 mins) click here.


To view extended footage (8.5 mins) click here.


With Michael Corcoran as FROG, and I as TOAD.


November 2022 –  I was thrilled to perform at the SAGE Gala Awards Ceremony (Scranton Awards for Growth & Excellence) held at The Ritz Theater. It was an honor to be surrounded by so many talented performers, as well as the outstanding local companies being awarded for their community outreach and excellence - quite a memorable evening.

Copy of THIRSTY 2022 Screening.jpg

June 2022 – As part of the Gay Pride month celebrations, the Athens, NY Cultural Center screened the gender-bending, anti-bullying film THIRSTY (in which I had a supporting role). For detailed info on THIRSTY, distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures, please visit the 2018 entry on this page.

August 2022 – I participated in a reading of Eric B. Sirota’s new musical A GOOD DAY, at the Shawnee Playhouse’s Original Playwright’s Festival (S.O.P.S.).  The piece was awarded BEST FULL-LENGTH MUSICAL and received a full-production in 2023.

2022 NEPTA Awards Logo_edited.jpg

April 2022 – In addition to my 2021 nominations from (Regional/Philly) for my portrayal of King Arthur in CAMELOT and King Charlemagne in PIPPIN,  I was overjoyed to receive a further nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, once again for King Charlemagne in PIPPIN from NETPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania Theatrical Alliance).  To view rehearsal footage of both performances visit the 2021 entry.


December 2021 – Nominations -  With sincere gratitude, I announce that I  received two nominations from (Regional/Philadelphia): one for Best Performer in a Musical for my portrayal of King Arthur in CAMELOT; and another nomination for Best Supporting Performer in a Musical for my portrayal of King Charlemagne in PIPPIN.  To view photos and rehearsal footage of both performances, please scroll down.

July - August 2021 – I returned to the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA) to play King Arthur in Lerner & Lowe's beautiful musical CAMELOT, co-directed by Midge McClosky  and Megan Fry.


To view rehearsal footage (9.5 mins) click here.

With Colette Boudreaux as Guenevere, and Ryan Fogler as Lancelot.  Photos by Kenneth Card

May - June 2021 – After 16 long months of Covid-hiatus, some theaters started to reopen, including the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA) where I played King Charlemagne in the Stephen Schwartz musical PIPPIN, directed and choreographed by Colette Boudreaux.

To view rehearsal footage (3 mins) click here.

As King Charlemagne in PIPPIN.

Photos by Kenneth Card.

With Shannon Felletter as Fastrada in PIPPIN.

With Ryan Fogler as Pippin.

For my portrayal of King Charlemagne in PIPPIN,  I received a nomination for Best Supporting Performer in a Musical from (Regional/Philly), and a Best Supporting Actor in a Musical nomination from NEPTA (Northeastern Pennsylvania Theatrical Alliance) .  


Covid Pandemic


October 2020 – Virtual Benefit Production – During the pandemic lock-down, I was honored to work with writer-producer Seth Freeman (via ZOOM) on his two-person, ten-minute, dark comedy PRESS PRAY, directed by Midge McClosky and co-starring Gillian Turner. This virtual benefit production was part of Shawnee Playhouse’s Original Playwrights Series (S.O.P.S.).  Here's a link to the performance, which initially aired live on Facebook.


June 2020 –  In light of the Covid pandemic, like so many other events and gatherings, my 40th High School reunion was postponed until 2022 . The event organizers requested that, due to the postponement, I record a message and song for my classmates.  I chose THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, to view performance  click here.

January 2020 – Here I am with my pals on location in New Jersey filming Tom Bentey’s exciting new Web Series AMERICAN BENEFACTOR. We shot this before the pandemic hit.


Copy of MIracleOn34thSt.jpg

Nov. - Dec. 2019 – I had a ball playing Kris Kringle in Mark Sarto’s children’s musical adaptation of MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, directed by Ryan M. Cook.  Set out below are performance reels shot from the back of the balcony of the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA).  Some visuals are blurry, but the audio is very good, even though the actors are not wearing body mics.

To view a 3 min REEL as Kris Kringle click here.

To view a 6 min REEL as Kris Kringle click here.

Copy of As Kris Kringle 2019_edited.jpg
Copy of SantaClaus.jpg

With Lauren Maula as Suzie Walker

With actor/producer Nicholas Calhoun (as Essi) in  a scene from SHEPHERD.

February 2019 – A 2016 film that I co-starred in called SHEPHERD was screened at the Irish Film Fest, held at the Middletown Arts Center, NJ (MAC) on Sat. Feb. 9, 2019. For detailed info on SHEPHERD and movie-trailer, visit the 2016 entry.


Between 2016-2018 the gender-bending, anti-bullying film, THIRSTY was a selection at several LGBTQIA+ film festivals in the U.S. and abroad, picking up some awards as well.


THIRSTY, directed by Margo Pelletier, and produced by Lisa Thomas (Thin Edge Films), is based on the life of Scott Townsend who stars as himself.  Scotty survived unspeakable bullying during his childhood, as well as an estranged father and an alcoholic mother (played by Deirdre Lovejoy of the series THE WIRE and GIRLS).  Scott went on to become the revered drag artist “THIRSTY Burlington” (specializing in Cher impersonations).


 I'm proud to have be part of this film and its message which emphasizes survival and self-acceptance. I play Scott’s uncle Gene, a womanizing, lounge singer who, in the 1970’s, encouraged young Scotty to become an entertainer. 


To view scenes of me as Uncle Gene click here.

To view THIRSTY movie-trailer  click here.

THIRSTY Uncle Gene Pix 3._edited.jpg

Nearly unrecognizable, thanks to my brilliant hair and make-up artists, my hair was dyed and I lost several pounds for the role of THIRSTY's Uncle Gene, a womanizing lounge singer.

THIRSTY Uncle Gene Pix 1._edited.jpg

From left to right: Margo Pelletier (Director), Alexandra Sandra Amirov (Choreographer), Scott Townsend (a/k/a THIRSTY), Cole Canzano (young Scott) and me (Uncle Gene).

From left to right: Michael DiGioia (Uncle Gene), Cole Canzano (young Scott), Bianca Del Castillo (Callie/Scott's sister), Deirdre Lovejoy (Doris/Scott's mother). Not pictured here is Jonny Beauchamp who played teenage Scott.

The following are a few of the Film Festivals and venues where THIRSTY was screened.


2016 – An extraordinary year in relation to film festivals. I was very pleased to be in two films, SHEPHERD and THIRSTY, chosen as official selections at various U.S. and U.K. film festivals.

For festival info click here .

September 2016 – SHEPHERD premiered at the Golden Door International Film Fest of NJ. This dramatic short was produced by Trinity Productions, written & directed by Keith Lynch and DP David Kaptein. I play Shepherd, an ex-convict who concocts a dangerous scheme to mend a broken relationship with his daughter by enlisting the help of a wayward vagrant played by Nicholas Calhoun of “Boardwalk Empire”.

With Courtney Renee Stallings as Shepherd's daughter Mara Dean. 

As Shepherd, with actor-producer Nicholas Calhoun (Essi/Vagrant) in  a scene from SHEPHERD.

To view the film's trailer click here.

May 2016 – It was a fun challenge creating five different characters for a private reading of a hilarious and touching, original screenplay entitled I DID NOT DIE written by Kim Dooley Kittay (@kimkittay) / Twitter (well-known for her TV commercial & voice-over work) which featured some very fine actors such as Jessica Phillips, Paul Urcioli, Leo Kittay and Phoebe Jonas  – I was blessed to be in such extraordinary company!

March 19, 2016 – Singing WITHOUT A SONG with David Schaefer at the piano, at NYC's Joe’s Pub/Public Theater in honor of Roy Niederhoffer’s 50th birthday celebration. Roy is a hedge fund manager, philanthropist, a great supporter of the arts and, he can play 15+ instruments! He is the founder and President of R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc.

March 13, 2016 – I was heard on WBAI Radio's  EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN singing an acapella birthday-tribute song for Liza Minnelli's 70th birthday celebration, hosted by the incomparable David Kenney. If you're not familiar with Liza's work, then you won’t understand my brief medley where I combined “My Best Girl” from the musical MAME along with the tag-ending of one of Liza’s standard tribute songs honoring her mother, “My Mammy”  (lyrics of this song were altered for my rendition).  

To hear my brief tribute song to Liza, including Mr. Kenney’s intro and comments, turn up your volume and click arrow below.

WBAI Liza's 70th SongM.DiGioia
00:00 / 01:56

February 2016 – Thomas Bentey of Suburbanite Productions hired me back to do VOICE OVER work on my second LOMBARDI & LOMBARDI LAW commercial. To view voice over reel click here.

August 2015 – We shot the first LOMBARDI & LOMBARDI LAW commercial on the front steps of the historical Somerville, NJ Court House. See photo.  To view the commercial click here.


December 2015 – Here are some on-set photos from an Independent film called A KIND OF HAPPINESS; written & directed by Matthew Bunker, regarding a privileged young-man (played by Michael Grew) who, while contemplating suicide, inadvertently learns a lesson from an older couple, Clifford and Angie.  My wife Angie was played by Kathryn Kates (of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, SMALL MIRACLES and SEINFELD).  To view selected scenes (4 mins) click here.

October 27, 2015 – The independent film A NEW MAN was a selection at the SAG Foundation NY Short Film Showcase. This film was shot in 2013, and won a 2nd place Young-Directors-Award for our director Hughes William Thompson at CANNES LION in France, 2014. It was also an official selection at the Academy-qualifying PALM SPRINGS SHORT-FEST, 2014. The film was co-funded by Panoptica Films and the Kevin Spacey Foundation (before the sexual harassment charges).


To view my scene (2.5 mins)  click here.

To view entire film/Vimeo (9 mins) click here.

With actor Russell Saylor the star of A NEW MAN.

Aug-Sept. 2015 –  I was back working with the Stageplays Theatre Co., NYC reviving my role as Jonathan in our third reading of FLORINDA’S TIME, written by Allen Davis, III.  The play was reworked twice after our initial reading in August 2013.  Directed by Stageplays' President and Artistic Director, Tom Ferriter. I played a man stuck in a love-less marriage who falls in love with his daughter’s dance-instructor Florinda, a proud woman battling the rapidly changing social-dance scene of the 1940s.

May 2015 –   THE CAFÉ, an independent film I co-starred in, shot in 2014, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Métrage). This film was written and directed by Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner a.k.a. “PW”, and produced by Janella Lacson. THE CAFÉ takes place in a modern-day purgatory and I play the manager of “the café” (Lucifer's Assistant) who decides the fate of the visiting guests.  Boo!

With Clara Wong who played the waitress.  To view my scenes (1.5 mins)  click here.

With Onika Day who played "The Crazy Woman"

 March 2015 –  I landed a print modeling job for the March 2, 2015 issue of the Wall St. Journal’s PERSONAL FINANCE section (cove page R1).  Photo below by John Kuczala.


 November 6, 2014 –  An avant-garde, installation-art film I starred in called, THE BIG LAKE was a finalist at the NEW VISIONS & VOICES NYU Film Festival.  Written and directed by Matthew Rosenbaum, cinematography by Isaac Green.  This disturbing film illustrates, among other things, the deadening monotony of our “everyday” tasks which can leave one ill-at-ease, while exploring the horrors of reliving the same events – perhaps reoccurring episodes from another lifetime.


To view this 8 min film on vimeo, use the PASSWORD "yellow" -  click here.

2014 BIG LAKE Pix 9_edited.jpg


2012 PARTISAN Pix 4_edited_edited.jpg

November 2013 –  An Indy-film that I completed in 2012 called PARTISAN, directed by Jake Holm and co-written by Jake Holm and Lucas A. Gerber (Holmmade Films / Utopia Films) had it's NYC premier at the BROWNFISH FILM FESTIVAL.   Additionally, in July 2013, the film received five awards at the LOS ANGELES CINEMA FESTIVAL OF HOLLYWOOD for Best Short Narrative, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Lead Actress.  I play an unsavory Polish farmer, Felek Trulsky,  turned Nazi sympathizer in Nazi-occupied Poland 1941-43. This film was inspired by true events.


You can view selected scenes of my work on my compilation reel by clicking here. 

To view the entire film (18 mins) click here. 

Pictured here with actor/stunt coordinator Jason Mello and actor Lincoln McLain as German Soldiers.

2013 Continued... 

 November 2013 – We finished shooting THE BIG LAKE, an avant-garde short-thriller, released in 2014. For full info see the 2014 entry.


October 2013 –  I wrapped on a feature-length independent film called THIRSTY, an LGBTQIA+ bio-pic, released in 2016.  For full info see the 2018 entry

September 2013 –  Marked the release of A NEW MAN, a dark comedy.  For full details see the 2015 entry.

August 2013 - 2015  I played Philip (in the first of three readings, spanning 2013-2015) in FLORINDA'S TIME, written by Irving Benig, directed by Tom Ferriter for Stageplays Theatre Company, NYC.  For more info see the 2015 entry.


December 2012 – I participated in a play-adaptation of Edith Wharton’s little known novella the “BUNNER SISTERS” adapted and directed by Linda Selman, presented by the National Arts Club’s, Theatre Arts Roundtable, NYC.  In this unique piece I portrayed all four of the male roles.  Between 2006-2012 we mounted the production three times in NYC: The National Arts Club; The Salmagundi Club and; the first incarnation was at the New York Society Library.   

Bunner Sisters 5.png

November 2012 – I played Reginald in Dr. Richard G. Pellegrino's play MARGINALIA, at the Lucy Lockett Cabe Theatre in Wildwood Park For The Arts, in Little Rock, Arkansas; the story regards a successful doctor, harboring a well hidden secret, whose life changes when he's forced to look at his world through the eye's of a patient.  Directed by and starring Roger Hendricks Simon (of The Simon Studio, and seen in Jim Gaffigan's 2022 film LINOLEUM among other notable projects).

With Roger Hendricks Simon (as Tony) and Lora Lee Ecobelli (as Ellen).

May 11, 2012 – I was seen on WINDY CITY LIVE's Mother's Day Special (ABC 7 Chicago) singing "Mama A Rainbow" from the Broadway musical MINNIE'S BOYS by Larry Grossman and Hal Hackady (based on the life of the Marx Brothers).  To view performance click here.

Windy City Live 2012 4._edited.jpg
Windy City Live 2012 3._edited.jpg


2011-2012 – I was privileged to workshop a new play with Broadway and film writer Murray Schisgal, directed by Stephan Morrow.  The play WALL STREET FANDANGO was re-titled as EXISTENCE two years later.  Between 2011 and 2012 we mounted the production twice, first at The Theater For The New City NYC and, then at the prestigious Actor's Studio NYC.  I was honored to work at the studio, and daunted by it's history.  I could sense all the genius-ghosts from the past.

Theater For The New City, then and now (see below).

2009 - 2010

 2009 - 2010 – Marked the completion of four eclectic independent films I participated in, with various release dates spanning 2011-2014, including some stage, cabaret, and radio work.  See info below.  

2010 - JIHAD SLEDGE – This is a photo from a spec-film, thriller called JIHAD SLEDGE, directed by Solon L. Quinn of Solon Quinn Studios and 7053 Productions, co-produced by Ben Schechter; regarding a psychotic, racist, wife-beating cop.  This film was sent to producers for possible distribution.  To view brief scene click here.

2009-10 - FINDING HOME – The following photos are from a diverse, film-comedy, called FINDING HOME, directed by Savanna Washington of Aardvark Alley Films.  This is a re-telling of Cinderella, set in NYC.  I portray Ella's father Ernie, an aging 1980's jazz-musician, battling premature Alzheimers, whose kind neighbors kidnap and disguise him and whisk him away from Ella's evil stepmother.  To view selected scenes (5 mins) click here.

For full cast and crew list  click here.

2009 - JOSIE & JOHN –   In this short, student-film, written and directed by Joe Skinner (NYU Tisch Film grad and PBS Documentary Series AMERICAN MASTERS) I play John, who is struggling through a mid-life crises and depression. To view selected scenes (5 mins) click here.

With Katherine Alt Keener as Josie.

2010 - My friend, Martina Vidmar, and I teamed up with musical director Woody Regan to assemble a musical revue entitled BROADWAY JUBILEE: A TRIBUTE TO THE GOLDEN AGE, which we performed at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, NJ and, at Temple Israel in So. Merrick, NY.  In 2002 we performed a similar show at the YM/YWHA Arts Center, NJ, under the auspicious musical direction of Robert Billig (veteran Broadway conductor, arranger and musical director).


In preparation for BROADWAY JUBILEE, Martina and I performed a selection from our show at a benefit concert for Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries/Metro Baptist Church entitled FROM BROADWAY WITH LOVE to raise funds for underprivileged children's after-school programs, directed by Kathleen Conroy with musical direction by Brett Kristofferson.

To promote our show, we performed at several NYC open mic. cabarets/clubs such as, Birdland's Cast Party hosted by Jim Caruso, Dopo Teatro Cabaret hosted by Ken Lundie and Dale Badway, and La Mediterranée French Bistro with Bill Zeffiro at the piano. I was also fortunate to record a few songs for a demo CD of a new musical entitled, WHAT A TIME FOR LOVE, composed by an exciting, young, award-winning composer, Samuel L. Kalcheim with book by his father, Lee Kalcheim, veteran writer for television, film and stage.  Pictured with me is Martina Vidmar, in 2018, after one of her performances of STAGE LIFE, Off-Broadway.

The following photos were taken at Birdland Jazz Club, NYC by Stephen Sorokoff.

Singing "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" at Birdland, 5-3-2010.

Singing "Movies Were Movies" at Birdland, 5-10-2010.


October 2009 -  I shot a CBA commercial in Syracuse, NY directed by Solon L. Quinn of Solon Quinn Studios, to view commercial, click here.

August 16-17, 2009 -  I was seen in THE AUGUST 9TH PROJECT / THE ATOM BOMB, an intense and enlightening piece conceived and directed by Elizabeth Mozer, based on testimonies of survivors and military personnel of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing - a benefit for NJ Peace Action, and performed at The ArcLight Theater, NYC - produced by Theatre In The Flesh.

August 9, 2009 - A selection from my CD, ANOTHER LOOK was heard on David Kenney's WBAI radio show "Everything Old is New Again".  After he played Al Jolson's rendition of "Let Me Sing And I'm Happy", he played my version.  Click the arrow below to hear my rendition, and to learn more visit my CD Sample page.

Let Me Sind And I'm HappyMichael DiGioia
00:00 / 03:10
2009 ARTIFACTS Goldentree Prod._edited.j

April-May 2009 - I participated in a workshop premiere of the play THE ARTIFACTS.  As the producers explained it, "Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie meet the modern woman." Written by Steven Fechter, directed by Gregory Abels and produced by Goldentree Producations.

March 26-29, 2009 - SLIPAWAY, an independent film shot in 2008, written and directed by Michael McDermott, was a selection at the Kent Film Festival, CT.  Co-produced and directed by Kit Bland.  I played the role of "Boss".  The film deals with a man slipping away into the daily grind of corporate America, played by Andy Waldschmidt.

Pictured from left to right: Andy Waldschmidt (Man), Michael DiGioia (Boss), Deirdre MacNamara, Adam Fleischhacker and Andrew Bowler (Workers).


September 222008 - For my  portrayal of Edward "Ned" Lowenscroft in ELIZABETH REX,  I received an outstanding actor nomination by the NY Innovative Theatre Awards.  Scroll down for detailed info on this extraordinary play.

With Stephanie Barton-Farcas as Queen Elizabeth I, and I as the poxed-riddled, Ned Lowenscroft.  I lost 18 lbs to convincingly appear to be at death's door.

April-September 2008 - The Canadian play ELIZABETH REX, written by Timothy Findley, and directed by Joanne Zipay, marked it's NYC premiere at the Nicu's Spoon Theater, Off-Off Broadway in April and, in light of favorable reviews, including from The New York Times, the production moved to Off-Broadway's Center Stage Theater, NYC in August.  To read critic's reviews, click here

Above with Erwin Falcon as Harry, and I as Shakespeare's leading actor of female roles, Ned, who is dying from the pox, which he contracted from his deceased lover (one of the Queen's Captains) and is warning Harry, to stay clear.  

In rehearsal with Scott David Nogi as William Shakespeare and Bill Garlano as Percy Gower.

Backstage preparing for my first entrance as the poxed Ned, dressed as Shakespeare's Beatrice in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.  And with Oliver Conant as Luddy Beddoes.

HERSTORY: Historians noted that Queen Elizabeth I sought "distraction" on the eve prior to her ex-lover's beheading (Robert Devereux the Earl of Essex).  She ordered William Shakespeare and his troupe of actors (the King's Men/Lord Chamberlain's Men) to her court for entertainment to distract her from the beheading for which she reluctantly had to approve, politically, in light of Devereux's treasonous actions.  Timothy Findley, the playwright, uses this historical premise and fictionalizes it by having the Queen meet with Ned, after his performance as Beatrice in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The Queen requests that Ned teach her how to mourn like a woman (for she's ruled as a man for 40+ years) and, in turn, she will teach Ned how to die like a man (for he has spent a life-time playing girls/women) and is overwrought by the death of his lover and his own imminent demise.  The evening becomes a juicy, role-playing, gender-bending, psycho-drama, where both ultimately release their intolerable heartache.  An astonishing concept, brilliantly written by Timothy Findley.  One of my favorite plays and roles - complex and multi-layered.

With Stephanie Barton-Farcas as Queen Elizabeth I (and founder of the Nicu's Spoon Theater), and I as Edward "Ned" Lowenscroft.


September 2007 marked the release of my demo CD: MICHAEL DIGIOIA - ANOTHER LOOK, BROADWAY & STANDARDS.  To hear samples and radio spots visit my CD page.

January 2007 - A unique and hauntingly bizarre, award-winning, dark-comedy I participated in called, THE DAWN CHORUS, was an official selection at the 2007 SUNDANCE Film Festival; written and directed by Hope Dickson Leach, and produced by Jennifer Westin. 


The premise involves a brother and sister, Lloyd and Bonnie, survivors of a plane crash that killed their parents seven years ago.  They return to the site of impact annually and reunite with other survivors to reenact, remember and to heal. This will be their final journey through the wreckage that Bonnie wants to forget, but Lloyd prefers to cling to. I’m featured as a surviving flight attendant.


Between 2006 - 2008 this film was a selection at several film festivals, including SUNDANCE, Edinburgh, Austin, Three Rivers Pittsburgh, and many others.  The film picked-up a few notable awards. To view full list of film festivals and awards click here.


To view THE DAWN CHORUS (15 mins) click here.

2006 THE DAWN CHORUS Pix 4_edited_edited
2006 THE DAWN CHORUS Pix 2_edited_edited

With Dave Rosenberg as the One-Armed Soldier and Fredda Lomsky as the Well-Dressed Lady.

March 2007 -  OUT OF SERVICE is a short-film regarding a paraplegic who, after discovering his building's elevator is out of service and, unable to communicate with his non-English speaking janitor, devises a scheme to gain access to his apartment. This NYU student film was written and directed by David Heiman and co-produced by  Marcus Castillo To view OUT OF SERVICE (7 mins)  click here.

With Johnny Sanchez as the Janitor.

February 2007 - I participated in a play entitled DEFINE HAPPINESS, consisting of four one-acts, each illustrating a different level of happiness.  The idea originated from the Sanskrit language and its four words for happiness: Sukha, Santosha, Mudita and Ananda.  Written by Deirdre MacNamara, and produced by Will Pork Productions at The Producer's Club, NYC. Each play takes place at Gurney's Resort, Montauk, NY on the first day of summer, 2007.  I was seen in the one-act entitled ACCENT-CHU-ATE THE POSITIVE, playing the role of Chris, a gay man in a long term relationship with Nathan, played by Fred Cabral, finally coming out to his brother Markus played by Brad Schwartz.

January 2007 - I was up in Syracuse, NY shooting a student film entitled MOTHER'S MILK directed by Benjamin Schechter with screenplay and photography by Solon L. Quinn.  Later in the year, the film premiered at Syracuse University's College of Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Senior Film Show.  This film deals with an abusive, drug addicted, mother, Jane, played by Kimberly Bailey, trying to reclaim her relationship with her husband and young son.


To view selected scenes (5 mins) click here.

To view the entire film (19 mins) click here.


February 2006 - It was an honor to play Eadweard Muybridge in the play MR. MUYBRIDGE, written by Martha Voutas Donegan, directed by Michelle Tattenbaum and produced by Pat Addiss for the prestigious National Arts Club, NYC.  A perfect venue for this most creative photographer-inventor: Born Eadweard James Muggeridge (1830-1904) an English photographer known for his groundbreaking work in photographic studies of motion, and early work in motion-picture projection.  Pioneering chronophotography of animal locomotion, which used multiple cameras to capture the different positions in a stride; and for his zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting painted motion pictures from glass discs that predated the flexible perforated film strip used in cinematography.  In 1868, he exhibited large photographs of Yosemite Valley, and began selling popular stereographs of his work.  Muybridge also shot his wife's lover and was acquitted on the grounds of justifiable homicide - talk about drama!

For credits spanning back from 2006 to 1983, please visit my Resume(s) & Extended Bio page.

Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest.

Michael DiGioia

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